Are You Ready for Tax Season?

Written by: Randy M. Rovet, CPA, CA, Partner at Sone Rovet Chasson LLP

February 22, 2017

Are you ready to take on the challenge of tax season? We hope so because the dreaded time to file your income tax returns is here once again. We know that it seems like it was yesterday that we were dealing with this seemingly monstrous beast. The anecdotal evidence which we hear suggests that this might be something that we choose to ignore even though it lurks in our minds ready to expose itself in sudden and unusual ways.

Consider the story of Felix who was recently hiking up north in an extremely remote wooded area only to be confronted by a ferocious bear looking for its next meal. With his heart racing and sweat pouring from his brow, Felix’s first thought was whether he had remembered to include all of his parking receipts in the self-employment income summary that he was in the midst of preparing before his trip. Please don’t be concerned about Felix’s well-being, physically or tax-wise, as he exited from this temporary trance and returned to safety without harm.

Another illustration of how taxes can hijack and distort our lives can also be seen in the following tale. Not long ago, Edna was on vacation with her family in Paris visiting the Louvre and admiring the Mona Lisa. It is a work of art that captivates your imagination like no other. Perhaps not in this case, as the only thing that registered in Edna’s mind was how similar the subject of the painting was to her grade eight accounting teacher, Ms. Talbot. She shivered when she thought about how poorly she performed in that class and also that she had neglected to contact her broker to get an annual tax statement. Eventually she was able to put aside these distractions and focus on the beauty of the artwork.

We do not want you to be distracted in your moments of need or to miss out even for one second on an extraordinary once in a lifetime experience. We encourage you to use the attached checklist to organize and prepare your package of tax information so you can send it to us and extinguish the tax monster that is lingering in your mind as soon as possible.

On an administrative note and continuing in our efforts to make this as seamless an experience as possible, we have decided to provide you with a soft copy of your tax return this year.

If you would like us to send you a copy of our personal income tax return checklist, please contact us at